Kona Sea Adventures is owner-operated by seasoned professionals, brothers Ty and Cyrus Widhalm. Both are 100 Ton USCG Masters, dive instructors, and First Aid instructors.

Captain Cyrus

Captain Cyrus emerged into the boating world at the age of 17.  As a youngster, he would watch the deep sea boats leave the docks in search of adventures. He yearned to join them. Cyrus's passion for fishing is immediately obvious. He links this passion to a river he visited as a child in New Zealand. There, an old man taught him the art of flyfishing. From that day on, Cyrus was drawn to water, and when near it, his gaze was fixed on what may be beneath its surface. 

 At 17 he graduated early and sailed the Andaman sea where he acquired a special taste for salt and sea. He then traveled through Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, and Central America, before returning to the Hawaiian Islands. Upon his return, Cyrus once again was on the docks. At 20, his dream of being a captain came to fruition. At 25 he decided to raise the bar and founded Kona Sea Adventures.  

His passion for the ocean is only matched by his desire to show his clients something different. Cyrus strives to awaken the inner Hemingway in all his guests and show them an ocean that they have only read about in books.

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Captain Ty

Ty has been working on boats for over ten years. He loves the ocean and showing people its magic. Ty is a true waterman and is known for his exceptional customer service and natural ability in the ocean. 


First Mate Gabe

Gabe is Captain Cyrus's right hand from making lures to catching the big ones. He was raised in California but moved to the aloha state. In 2008, Gabe made Hawaii his permanent residence. In 2014, Gabe went big-game fishing for the first time and was hooked. His love for fishing is only matched by his love for his ohana and making his famous spearfish sashimi.